Rules and Regulations

Common conditions applied to all services given below.

  • Selected candidates are posted in probation period for ________ year from the date of joining.
  • Selected candidates are required to pay 50000 rupees of security deposit. The same will be refunded soon He/ She is discontinued from the post.
  • Candidates under SC/St are only required to pay 30000 rupees as security deposit.
  • For selected candidates, discontinuation of a job, due to dismissal, self-resignation, He/She will be charged for all loses penalty, anything which is relevant. All these will be levied from the security deposit.
  • Candidates under Vacancy (i), shall achieve a daily target for the first six months, but after six months their only be a monthly target, as decided by the organization. For the candidates who are not achieving the target shall we dismissed with the immediate attempt.
  • Vacancy (ii): Selected candidates are eligible to get 15 to 20% commission of the total business volume.
  • Vacancy (iii): Candidates shall achieve their target decided by the organization. To achieve target follow only legal and approved business strategies by the organization.
  • Selected candidates are required to submit a 100 rupees court stamp paper with the above rules and regulations as a bond between candidates and organization.
  • Bharathiya Vikas got unconditional rights to change add or discard any rule and regulations described above.
  • All selected candidates are obliged to obey all existing rules and regulations and those shall be added in the future.
  • Selected candidates are vested with full responsibility on all day to day activities, loses of the organization any loses affected by the organization from the candidate will be levied from the security deposit if any loses not covered from the security deposit, The organization got all rights to get levied from personal belongings of the candidates.
  • All legal proceeding related to the described rules and regulations are under the jurisdiction of district court Trivandrum
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